Join us November 8-10 2023 at the Hilton Hotel in Amsterdam (the Netherlands) for our next Operational & Technical Conference

You can register via the meeting registration form. The Conference will take place in the Hilton Hotel in Amsterdam. After the welcome lunch we will have an active excursion in the Port of Amsterdam and visit our Member terminals. Again we will have a Golf Tournament (the Cooper Cup) on Tuesday 7th of November 2023 and an interesting partner programme as well in the Amsterdam region.

Please find more information on the Amsterdam Conference programme at the Events page or click here.

You can already book your room at Hilton Amsterdam with our Group discount.


Business Sessions at the Amsterdam Conference

We will dive into subjects as Sustainability and Greening on and around dry bulk terminals; the role of the recently adopted IMO resolution on Greening and its impact.  Clarkson’s Research will provide an update on dry bulk shipping markets focussing on impact of Green Transition, energy mix changes, environmental regulations and trends in vessel technology, followed by an in-depth vision of “Impact of Green Transition and Fuelling Transition on dry bulk shipping, ports and terminals and update on progress of and outlook for green facilities and investments at dry bulk ports and terminals”.

Next to these items we will focus on the actual geopolitical situation and the effect to our industry, also related to the security of supply in the food and feed segment. Kevin Cribbin will introduce our IBTA contribution on “Enclosed Spaces Fatalities” to IMO’s CCC and we will have several of our Members giving their vision on Safety and how this is embedded in their respective Operations. Of course we will have our in- depth panel and audience discussions. And last but not least, we present Operational and Technical introductions and developments that are of value showing to you!


Welcome to the International Dry Bulk Terminals Group


A not-for-profit society open to all owners/operators of dry bulk terminals world-wide. Established in 1998 The International Dry Bulk Terminals Group (DBTG) provides an effective forum and voice for a global, but highly fragmented, industry that is of critical importance to the seaborne trade and transportation of dry bulk commodities. Since foundation DBTG has developed into a community where members freely exchange ideas and concerns, experience and expertise on issues such as operational safety and efficiency, technical analysis and innovation, environmental matters, operator training, as well as maritime security. In all these matters DBTG’s work programme includes initiatives of regional and global relevance.

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DBTG Operational & Technical Conference Amsterdam, (the Netherlands)
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