Operational and Technical Conference Santander, Spain

Our Santander 7-9 November 2022 conference will present many challenges for our dry bulk terminal industry in today’s rapidly changing world. As we have been in the process of ‘defossilisation’ of our terminals and our customers, we see that today’s practice is putting us ‘back to basics’. Due to geopolitical changes we see that the importance of coal and other fossil fuels is requiring to adapt to our ‘new’ demand.

■     What does this mean for our operational processes?
■     What effect does it have on our employees?
■     Can we temporarily turn back to earlier scenarios?
■     How must we manage our operations and investments with a focus on a sustainable future

We will have speakers and a panel on many subjects covering these changes: our own Members showing their insights, a high-level contribution from the world of food and feed/grains. In a panel our grain handling speakers will discuss how they see the grain flows changing and the pressure this gives to be able to sustainably continue ‘feeding the world’. We will have contributions from the hinterland transport sector where the change towards coal gives high pressure again; from Mississippi and South America, from Asia and Middle East, from Europe and Africa.

That Safety remains our #1 issue will be made clear when we will have a presentation of the fatalities still taking place in enclosed spaces in vessel cargo holds, with great impact on our industry. How can we continue the change towards a Safe Loading and Unloading of vessels. We will present what we are contributing at this field towards IMO on behalf of our industry.


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